Bias TB2224D Dual Bead TBM
Unique Features: This machine is designed to build dual-bead truck/bus tires.

The machine supplies complete with Head stock and Tail stock assemblies, finger ply down and bladder turn up assemblies, bead setting ring, under stitcher, sidewall stitcher, tread servicer, band applicator, chafer guide device, control and operation panel, and pneumatic solenoid valve panel.

Principle: Ply turn-up with side bladders after swab down and bead setting.
Main shaft brake system: Oil brake, operation automatically
Compressor air: Max. 7kg/cm2 normal operation frequency pressure
Power source: As specify


Bias TB2224D Dual Bead TBM

M/C suitable for drum bead

22.5" ~ 24" (dual bead)

Drum outer diameter

22.5"- 717∮ 24" - 755∮ drum width adjustment by spacer 8 pieces auto collapse

Machine suitable for drum shoulder width

450 ~ 810M/M

Drum rotating speed

High speed 160/ low speed 80 RPM

Center height of main shaft from floor


U/R under stitcher

1.3 stage changeable speed

2.Drum per cycle under roller stitcher (U/R) traverse 7mm ~ 15mm.

3.Thickness of tread and sidewall will influence U/R traverse's speed.

Tread server

1.Position: in front of the operator or in rear of the operator as specify

2.Drum one-revolution, tread will ply with building drum automatically.

3.Features: device of centering and proper lead the tread to the drum center.

4.Dimension of servicer: 1600(L) ×800(W)

Band applicator

1.Expand outer diameter: ±2mm tolerance with building drum.

2.Put the band on the band applicator drum and rotary 90 degree then expand automatically.

3.Band ply with drum use spinner shaft which will send the band to the drum center automatically.
After plying, the band applicator will backwards to its original position.

4.Outer diameter of band spinner shaft: 50∮2200MM(L)

5.Brake system: hydraulic disc brake
Diamension & Weight of Machine

650CM(L)×260(W)×230CM(H) 13500KG