Radial Second Stage

Radial Second Stage

Model R2 1216
Type Bead Lock
Type of building system Second stage of 2 stage tire building system
Type of application tire PCR, LTR
Drum Shoulder set range 150 mm~530 mm (stroke 380 mm)
Centre height of main shaft from floor 900 mm
Breaker Drum 1. Outer diameter adjusting segment (flange) is changeable
2. As customer's requirement, can
3. Segment for outer diameter adjusting: just offfer 1 set, up to customer's request.

440mm~490mm 1Set
490mm~540mm 1Set
520mm~540mm 1Set
565mm~615mm 1Set
610mm~660mm 1Set

Transfer ring clamping 1. Control by pressure transducer
2. Inside OD segment is changeable
3. As customer's requirements, can be choice inside OD segment.
4. Segment for OD adjusting: just offer 1 set, up to customer's request.

470mm~610mm 1Set
590mm~730mm 1Set

Motor Ac servo moter 3.5KW

(One eack for eack item)
1. Breaker drum
2. Breaker drum flange
3. Tranfer ring clamping
4. Bead lock