Established since 1960, TA KU specialize in producing All steel Radial Truck/Bus Tire, ST Radial Tire, Bias Truck/Bus, Bias Light Truck Tire (single/dual bead), Motorcycle Tire, Aircraft Tire, Service, Band Builder machine, Building Drum (former) and other tire machine accessories.

We are the leading tire machine and accessories in Taiwan, have an outstanding R&D set up and good after-sales-service to our clients.  With over 20 year's accumulation of technological and innovation experience, we have established a reputation for excellence build high performance  equipment but also build up the good sales networks to the world's top five tire manufactures in different parts of the world we feel that our most rewarding effort is the satisfaction of our clients by supplying good machines which meet their needs and which have added value.

Our main tire building machine specification as followings:

1. Air Craft Tire  Tire size: -10"~-24"
2. All Steel Radial Truck Tire  Bead dia: 20"~22.5"
3.Unistage Tire Bead dia: 13"~22"
4. Bias Truck / Bus Tire Bead dia: 20"~24"
5. Half-Steel Radial Passenger Tire Bead dia:10"~18"
6.Bias Light Truck Tire (single bead) Bead dia: 12"~16"
7.Bias Light Truck Tire (dual bead) Bead dia: 12"~17.5"
8. Motorcycle Tire Bead dia: 12"~21"