Radial PCR 1214 / PCR 1416 TBM

Unique features: This machine is designed to build single-bead radial passenger tires.

The machine supplies complete with Head stock and Tail stock assemblies, finger ply down and bladder turn up assemblies, bead setting ring, under stitcher, sidewall stitcher,control and operation panel, and pneumatic solenoid valve panel.

Principle Ply turn-up with side bladders after swab down and bead setting.
Compressor air Max. 7kg/cm2 normal operation frequency pressure
Power source As specify



Radial PCR 1214/PCR 1416 TBM

M/C suitable for drum bead 12"~14" or 14"~16"single bead
Drum outer diameter 12"-339∮13"-364∮14"-390∮
Machine suitable for drum shoulder width PCR1214 250~400mm
PCR1416 280~520mm
Drum rotating speed High speed 220/Low speed 50 RPM
Centre height of main shaft from floor 950mm
Main drive motor 3.5KW servo motor
Dimension & weight of machine Dimension :
450cm (L) × 200cm (W) × 170cm (H)
Weight: 7500kg